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Sibylle Schlaich, Heike Nehl

The Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Signage Project

In this e-book, the communication design studio Moniteurs presents the guidance system project developed for Berlin Brandenburg Airport. The four chapters explain how the guidance system shapes the airport’s structural identity: “Identity” deals with the architecture, the colour scheme, the development of the typeface and the pictograms; “Function” explains how typography is used, what types and sizes of lettering are available, how orientation at the airport works for visitors. The chapter “Development” shows how the signs and lettering have been tested and produced for legibility, e.g. using test steles. “Beyond the Terminal” makes it clear that the guidance system not only affects the terminals themselves, but also other buildings, parts of buildings and outdoor areas, access roads and motorway exits, as well as links to the Internet and information monitors. In addition, the art-in-architecture projects will be briefly discussed.
The digital form of the book allows everything to be explained in detail with lots of pictures, interactive graphics and films and is the perfect complement to the book 1:1 – Signage, Orientation, Identity