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niggli is an independent specialist Swiss publisher for architecture, design and typography. Our books are for everyone who teaches, studies or is professionally active in these fields. We provide books of content and design excellence for our readers. These are books dealing with subjects and issues of real concern, which support and inspire them in their work. We match superb content with appearance and presentation elegance in each volume. Our books are not only beautifully designed and carefully produced, they are also of great aesthetic appeal and a joy to own and use. We work only with the most capable and flexible printers who are leaders in the field; our preferred working method is direct and close partnership, allowing us to benefit from the advice and expertise of leading lithography and typesetting specialists.

niggli is and has always been a byword for books of the highest quality and this is the tradition of the publishing house. The fundamental principles of lucidity, clarity and reduction to essentials, which Arthur Niggli established in 1950, are still at the heart of our design concepts today.

Exceptional and well-chosen subjects handled in cooperation with book designers of exceptional ability is a policy that has consistently proved its worth: numerous titles have been awarded the «Most Beautiful Swiss Book» award in the course of our publishing history, moreover we have achieved many international distinctions including silver and gold in the «Most Beautiful Book in the World» award. Recent years have brought many more distinguished nominations, for example the German Design Prize, the iF design award, the red dot design award, the Type Directors Club New York, the German Architectural Book Prize for 2009 and 2011, the German Design Award or the Swiss publishers and authors design prize.


The books from our publishing range are in the specialist fields of architecture, design and typography. They deal with issues of great contemporary relevance, works that support and inspire our readers in their professional lives. Our books explore the new and identify emergent innovative developments. They not only provide coverage for the vital issues and controversies of today, but are also thoughtful and questing in content, persistently inviting the discovery of remarkable new architects, designers and typographers. Our choice provision of handbooks and guides also brings welcome professional support for active practitioners in all our specialist subject areas.

about niggli

The Bauhaus with its classic disciplines has been of central importance for the publishing house and its program from the start. Arthur Niggli published the legendary typographical textbooks of Emil Ruder among many other pioneering and highly influential works. It was niggli that brought out the first monograph on Emil Ruder in German in 1954. The growing architecture program presented authors of major importance including Walter Gropius, Pier Luigi Nervi, Le Corbusier and Venturi Rauch.

The focus on architecture, typography and design has remained of great relevance and value through until today – as evidenced by the publication of work by leading international research institutions, architects and designers, including the ETH Zurich or the ECAL in Lausanne, Valerio Olgiati, Staufer Hasler, Gigon Guyer, Luigi Snozzi, Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Jost Hochuli or Max Bill. The remarkable internationally-oriented program, available in bilingual or trilingual editions was first launched and pioneered by Arthur Niggli. This series is now of global significance with distribution around the world. Some eighty percent of all niggli books are now exported.