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German / English, 176 pages, 13.5 x 19.5 cm, paperback ISBN 978-3-7212-0852-8 Release date: 09/2012 With an introduction by Lucas Verweij.

Moritz Grund


Der Designer und die Dinge – Ein Selbstversuch

"Designkritische Texte" Vol. 4 / Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg-Förderpreis

The book: Can you live your life with just one hundred things? This was the question that inspired Moritz Grund to start an experiment on himself lasting several years and documented by him in the form of text fragments. ONE HUNDRED stands for 100 personal things as the starting point for intelligent observations on products, relationships and mean- ings in the everyday world. How many objects do we own? How are they kept, trans- ported or disposed of? In a modest yet well-founded way, this work portrays dealings with everyday things.

The award: Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg is known as one of the pioneers of industrial design in Ger- many. But the name of the deceased designer nowadays also stands for the Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg advancement award for design critical texts, commonly known as bf-Preis. It has been awarded to young designers since 2003. The award encourages students and graduates of design degrees to write an essay or creative text on a topic of their own choice that is relevant to the field of design in general.