Architecture & Human Rights
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English, 304 pages, 300 illustrations, 16 x 22 cm, softcover ISBN 978-3-7212-0980-8 Release date: 12/2017 Ralf Herms (Book design), Stefano De Luigi (Photos)

Tiziana Panizza Kassahun (ed.)

Architecture & Human Rights

A Book on Urban Thinking

_ With a contribution by Saskia Sassen
_ Based on the inhabitants of Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
_ Thematizing different aspects of architecture in the context of human rights
_ Important focus on architect’s responsibility

In an ideal world this book would not need to be written...

The striking inequalities in living conditions in today’s cities and metropolises reveal one of the greatest humanitarian challenges of our time. Ascertaining that architecture can never be neutral, those involved in this field of design are called on to recognize and to act on their social responsibility – not only – in the city-making process. Their work should therefore not be limited to creating living space as questions of the distribution of resources, so closely interwoven with architectural design, must also play a role.

This book is conceived as a collage of narratives, photos and critical conversations on the link between human rights and architecture. In its hybrid form, all of the people involved at every level are given a voice and encouraged to question whether the architecture of the towns, streets and buildings for which they are responsible contributes to the protection and advancement of human rights. The ultimate goal is that the consideration of human rights become an architect’s powerful tool for better and fairer urban planning.