Detached Houses – the Future?
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German | English, 184 pages, 112 illustrations, 22 x 27 cm, softcover ISBN 978-3-7212-0830-6 Release date: 09/2014 Max Bosshard, Stefan Kurath, Christoph Luchsinger, Urs Primas, Tom Weiss

Institute for Urban Landscape ZHAW (ed.)

Detached Houses – the Future?

Zukunft Einfamilienhaus?

Detached houses are considered primarily responsible for urban sprawl and land consumption. At the same time they represent the ideal residence for broad sections of society. From the different perspectives of architects and social scientists, as well as photographer Heinrich Helfenstein, different detached house settlements were at the focus of examination to find the solution for this aparent contradiction.

Instead of the often deplored detached house without identity, a surprisingly multifaceted settlement reality with great potential for identification discloses itself. This work sensibilizes the eye to the specific qualities and unused potentials of the phenomenon and yields new insights and perspectives for a sustainable development of urban landscapes in architecture and urbanism.

_ different perspectives on the subject
_ interdisciplinary approaches
_ sensibilization to the special qualities and potentials
_ perspectives for future developments of urban landscapes