Urban Being
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English | German, 320 pages, illustrated throughout, 20 x 26 cm, softcover with flaps ISBN 978-3-7212-0968-6 Release date: 08/2017

Robin Renner

Urban Being

Anatomy & Identity of the City

_Comparing analysis of urban structures
_Influence of urban anatomy on the inhabitants
_Survey on five scale levels
_With detailed charts and elaborate maps

Since cities as living environments are steadily gaining in importance, they must not only grow in size, but rather develop in terms of quality. A first important step is understanding how cities function.

The identity of each city is characterised by the behaviour of its inhabitants. At the same time, living conditions and realities are formed by the anatomy of a city. This anatomy is mostly determined by external factors. Remarkably, certain urban structures are used in a similar way all over the world. These influences and their effects on human life are illustrated and comprehensibly explained in this volume. The illustrated visualisations range from neighbourly urban quarters, via agglomerations, to macroregions stretching over thousands of kilometers. Through the combination of detailed maps on the one hand and real-life experiences on the other hand, the influence of the anatomy on the identity of the city is made understandable.