The pitched roof
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English, 240 pages, 300 illustrations, 17 x 31 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-3-7212-0680-7 Release date: 11/2008 With texts by Max Bosshard and Christoph Luchsinger, Nott Caviezel, Aita Flury, Hartmut Frank, Bettina Köhler, Marc Loeliger, Jacques Lucan, Martin Tschanz, Christoph Wieser

Barbara Burren, Martin Tschanz, Christa Vogt, ZHAW Zentrum Konstruktives Entwerfen (eds.)

The pitched roof

Architecture Manual

The architectonic possibilities of the pitched roof seem almost unlimited and are all the more interesting for today’s architects, in that the subject has been neglected for such a long time. By thematic plates this publication shows the whole spectrum of possibilities that are opened up by pitched roofs.

Their potential for the design of the outer façade and its relation to context and interior is shown in a systematic fashion. Individual aspects are explored in depth in articles by specialists.

_ unique study of an important architectural element
_ showing the wide range of possibilities
_ elaborating its potentials
_ in-depth articles by renowned authors