The Berlin Brandenburg Airport
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English, 79 pages, illustrated throughout with 2 integrated videos and 5 animations, e-book in epub 3.0 format ISBN 978-3-7212-0917-4 Release date: 10/2014 edited by Moniteurs

Sibylle Schlaich, Heike Nehl

The Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Signage Project

The signage system project developed for Berlin Brandenburg Airport by the communications design firm Moniteurs is presented in this e-book. The four chapters explain how the signage system shapes the structural identity of the airport: The "Identity" chapter deals with the architecture, the colors, the development of the fonts and the pictograms used; "Function" explains how typography is employed, what labelling types and dimensions are used, and how guidance and orientation works for visitors to the airport. The "Development" chapter explains how the notices and labelling are tested to ensure they are legible, e.g. at various testing points, and are then produced in line with the findings. "Beyond the Terminal" deals with how the signage system applies not only in the terminals, but extends outward to other buildings, building sections and adjacent sites, for the motorway accesses and exits and also for links to Internet and information monitors. In addition there is a brief review examining the art-in-the-building projects.
The digital form of the book has opened up the possibility for presenting extensive material, interactive graphics and films explaining everything in detail.