Structuring Design
EUR 35.00
English, 176 pages, 150 illustrations, 17.5 x 25 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-3-7212-0994-5 Release date: 08/2019

Ulysses Voelker

Structuring Design

Graphic Grids in Theory and Practice

_ Introduction to the basics of graphic design
_ Backgrounds, explanations, guidelines for all thematized aspects
_ Strong focus on the grid as the most important element for the topic
_ With many visual examples

Where do you use which grids? What is their significance? How are they created? This book answers all of these questions.
Where do you begin? What steps follow each other? What differentiates the visual from the verbal? This book will tell you.
What is “visual rhetoric”? What are the “four sides of a message”? What is the relationship between method and intuition? Read all about these topics in this book.

And much more besides: “Structuring Design” presents the principles and rules of visual communication as an introduction to practical design. The book offers a compact mix of explanations, practical tips, and background information, coupled with an extensive glossary.

Awarded with the TDC New York “Certificate of Typographic Excellence”