Structuring Design
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English, 176 pages, 150 illustrations, 17.5 x 25 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-3-7212-0994-5 Release date: 08/2019

Ulysses Voelker

Structuring Design

Graphic Grids in Theory and Practice

_ Introduction to the basics of graphic design
_ Backgrounds, explanations, guidelines for all thematized aspects
_ Strong focus on the grid as the most important element for the topic
_ With many visual examples

In visual communication, contents are arranged, organized, and presented. Design laws and principles that are inherent to every medium ensure that from a distance a novel looks like a novel, an art catalog like an art catalog, and a magazine like a magazine. This publication offers a compact mix of explanations, practical tips, and background information on the topic.

At its center is the grid as the most important design principle, whose function and application are thoroughly discussed. The grid allows a consolidated approach to a structured design like a blueprint that supports not only faster and easier reading but also better comprehension of information. In a second part, the author discusses the design process itself with answers to seemingly simple questions of what to observe when designing and the sequence of steps. Another chapter focuses on relevant theoretical aspects such as how method and intuition are correlated. The final section contains an extensive glossary.