Streifzüge durch die Verstädterung
EUR 39.90
German, 864 pages, 100 illustrations, 12 x 18 cm, softcover with flaps ISBN 978-3-7212-0996-9 Release date: 11/2018

Markus Ernst Lüscher

Streifzüge durch die Verstädterung

_ Biographical reflections of an architect
_ Independent stories that are loosely connected
_ From local via regional to global contexts
_ Topic of densification of the world and what this means for Switzerland

A pencil block, a small laptop, a loggia in the shade – possibly with a view of the sea: over a decade and a half, mostly during the summer holidays, architect Markus Lüscher has reflected on his expeditions through life to find out how these have influenced him, broadened his horizons and, in particular, shaped his Swiss identity. This reading book is composed of his biographically interwoven notes, which describe many everyday, human and personal things, but also fantastic and grotesque things.

In addition to observations and stories from the author's homeland in the Seetal (Canton of Aargau) and Switzerland, the focus is also on his experiences which he gained on journeys to other countries as well as during a longer professional stay abroad in Hong Kong. What Markus Lüscher describes is exemplary for today's densification of the globalized world, the growth of metropolises and agglomerations. He makes it clear that these developments are also relevant topics for Switzerland at the heart of Europe, and will have a decisive influence on the future of the Swiss Confederation.