Infinite Design Cube white-black
EUR 17.90
5.8 x 5.8 x 5.8 cm, ISBN 978-3-7212-0974-7 Release date: 09/2019

Grégoire Murith

Infinite Design Cube white-black

_3-D combination puzzle with graphic motifs in different colors
_Inspiration for design savvy people
_Stimulating cognitive skills
_It comes in attractive sales display with eight cubes

The Infinite Design Cube, like the legendary Rubik’s Cube, is also a true marvel. By rotating the six sides of the puzzle, an almost limitless range of compositions of symbols, forms and motifs can be generated, for each of its 54 surfaces is designed with a distinct graphic motif. The cube can therefore serve as a source of inspiration for graphic artists, designers and architects, while children at play are imbued with an understanding of the construction of forms and symbols and taught hand-eye coordination.
The ability to construct, deconstruct and create attests to the cognitive skills of the user. In this game of creation the most diverse artistic influences come together. The clear contours in the Bauhaus style and graphic characteristics of typography are expressed in the form of the three basic geometric forms: square, circle and triangle.

Whichever way one turns and rotates it, this small cube can inspire greatness.