Postmodernism in Berlin – Residential Buildings
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English | German, 208 pages, 200 illustrations, 22 x 32 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-3-7212-0987-7 Release date: 10/2018

Claudia Kromrei

Postmodernism in Berlin – Residential Buildings

_West Berlin in the 1980s as showcase of postmodernism
_Focus on 30 residential buildings
_New photos by Manfred Hamm and Thomas Bomm
_Thematical structure

Anyone who prefers to view postmodernism – with reference to architecture – as an epoch, looks with enthusiasm to the western part of Berlin in the 1980s. Nowhere else is there a greater density of buildings to which this label can be attached. Veritable architectural manifestos that shaped the cityscape from then on can be found there.

The city and time allowed for seemingly contradictory pieces of architecture, but what unites the residential buildings above all is the vehement artistic desire of their master builders. 30 of these are being re-photographed around 30 years after their creation. Floor plans document the structural similarities and differences independently of the architectural means of expression.