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German, 120 pages, illiustrated throughout, 17.5 x 21 cm, softcover ISBN 978-3-7212-0945-7 Release date: 09/2015

Tabea Hartwich | Jana Kemmer


Digitale Typografie

‘The term readability doesn't ask simply “Can you read it?” but “Do you want to read it?"’ – Jason Santa Maria

_Constantly changing typography in digital media world
_Through new technical possibilities higher esthetic value of fonts for the Internet
_Methods to evaluate typefaces and its web use
_Linkage of established rules of print typography with particularities of web design

The predominance of the Internet as a global system of interconnected computer networks and the rapidly developing technologies of the digital world keep typography in a constant state of evolution. New output media require new fonts that optimize readability. And of course, since a font is much more than a pure conveyor of information, the esthetic aspects of this context are equally gaining in importance.

This volume offers support in the selection and optimized application of fonts for web design. The combination of established print typography rules and the special characteristics of web design allows readers to enter the world of web typography. Based on contents ranging from basic information to analytical font selection criteria, this book can be a valuable guide to gaining finesse in the use of fonts for the web.