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English, 416 pages, 800 illustrations, 22 x 31 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-3-7212-0993-8 Release date: 06/2019

Silva Baum, Claudia Scheer, Lea Sievertsen


A New Perspective on Women Graphic Designers in Europe

_ Featuring exclusively women graphic designers
_ Promising newcomers and established studios
_ Each presented by brief introduction followed by selection of works
_ Includes interviews on the topic with 22 notable women from the design scene

As a response to the predominantly male presence in the design scene, this book exclusively presents works by exceptional female designers. It is not about discovering something inherently “female” and defining “feminine” design, but to counter the male-dominated discourse of the sector. The carefully selected graphic works stand on their own and range from commissioned assignments via free artistic projects to the area of design research. They open new perspectives on how diverse contemporary graphic design can be.

This presentation is complemented by interviews conducted with 22 female designers, sociologists and design theorists. To shed light on the lacking visibility of women in the design sector, the editors especially focused on the design philosophy, perceptions, and ideals of the respective sectors and the experiences encountered in everyday work situations.