EUR 19.90
English, 100 pages, 17 x 11.5 cm, cards in box with booklet ISBN 978-3-7212-1003-3 Release date: 10/2020

Claus Noppeney


100 Questions on the Magic of Smell

_100 question cards to stir meaningful and surprising conversations
_Scent as a new parameter for design
_Includes booklet with latest findings from sensory research in social and cultural studies
_Product scented by master perfumer scent sculptor Christophe Laudamiel

The human sense of smell is a very direct and powerful, but deeply overlooked sense. As messengers, smells can evoke feelings, associations and memories; they can provoke, attract or repel, influence, seduce or deceive moods. The worlds of design, fashion, and art are discovering scents as an impact factor, also properly designed for these purposes.

"Nosewise" is a card box designed to explore the dynamic sense of smell. It features 100 questions arranged according to different categories, which function associatively to stimulate communication by casting unexpected light on everyday (olfactory) experiences. Since it is actually unusual to think about anything dealing with smells, let alone talk about them, the questions confront one quite directly with personal experiences, while encouraging to think creatively.