Hans Grisebach
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German, 296 pages, 233 illustrations, 17.5 x 25 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-3-7212-1010-1 Release date: 11/2019

Claudia Kromrei

Hans Grisebach

Ein Architekt und sein Werk

_ About one of the most important architects of historicism
_ Comprehensive monograph on the complete oeuvre
_ History and description of each of his works
_ With extensive plan and picture material

In the late 19th century, the architect Hans Grisebach (1848–1904) built the first commercial buildings in Berlin's Friedrichstadt. Max Liebermann, Wilhelm von Bode, Gerhart Hauptmann and the Berlin Secessionists entrusted him with their refuges. Between 1880 and 1903, Grisebach built about 50 houses, 21 of them in Berlin, almost half of them destroyed. The monograph now presented by Claudia Kromrei provides for the first time a detailed and systematic overview of Hans Grisebach's complete oeuvre.

"... he had undisputedly become one of Berlin's most famous and sought-after master builders, and he would have become the most famous if he hadn't done everything he could to – not become one", wrote Max Liebermann about him. With this attitude and quiet commitment, which not only distinguished him personally but also recognizably artistically, Grisebach designed houses that express appropriately and engagingly their function and task – interiorly, structurally, typologically and formally. In his time, in which a wealth of forms tending to exaggerate and overload dominated, he paved the way for an upcoming reform and transformation process.