Figürliches Zeichnen [Figure Drawing]
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German, 248 pages, more than 500 illustrations, 19.5 x 25 cm, softcover ISBN 978-3-7212-0887-0 Release date: 07/2014

Anne-Marie Siegrist-Thummel

Figürliches Zeichnen [Figure Drawing]

Methoden, Ideen, Techniken [Methods, Ideas, Techniques]

Figürliches Zeichnen provides 160 suggestions for drawings and figuration exercises from artist and art teacher Anne-Marie Siegrist-Thummel. She developed the exercises together with her students during her years of teaching at various educational institutions such as ETH Zurich. This book aims to demonstrate new ways of perceiving and portraying the human body and is for everyone who enjoys drawing – whether as a school subject, as part of their design training, or simply when following their inner artist – and for everyone who teaches drawing themselves. Representative and real images are connected in a fascinating way, inspiring the reader to create figures that go above and beyond naturalistic depictions. You don’t need a pen to be able to draw: you can use your own body, use tools given a new lease of life, use fire, light, wire, wood stain, or an iron. You can use a computer to reimagine a drawing. The variety of methods and techniques leads to surprising results.