Design Basics
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German, 232 pages, 380 illustrations, 12 x 21.5 cm, softcover with flaps ISBN 978-3-7212-0829-0 4 edition Release date: 02/2012

Gerhard Heufler

Design Basics

Von der Idee zum Produkt

Product and industrial design are broad subjects, drawing inspirations and techniques from a lots of different fields. Therefore it is essential for every designer to have a set of guidelines at hand to help enhance the design process.

This book explores a wide area, tracing the history of design from its roots, providing an outlook for the future, and describing comprehensive product functions, complex design processes and fundamental theories with illustrative case studies. It is a concise introduction to industrial design written by Gerhard Heufler, an insider who draws on his longstanding experience. There are many questions on the highly topical subject of design and this book aims to provide the answers.

_ concise introduction to industrial design
_ written by an insider of the design industry
_ description of processes and product functions
_ history of design as well as outlook to the future