Das Japanische Teehaus
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German, 232 pages, 400 illustrations, 20.8 x 30.7 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-3-7212-0519-0 Release date: 11/2018

Wolfgang Fehrer

Das Japanische Teehaus

_ New edition of the standard work
_ Backgrounds and principles
_ Development of the Japanese tea culture from the beginning until now
_ Includes chronological overview and glossary

Japanese culture and architecture have always fascinated the western world. One particular, architecturally complex building type at the intersection of multiple currents of Japanese philosophy, art and esthetics is the Japanese teahouse. It is a very private place of meditation, in which the host communicates with his or her guests through the medium of tea in the context of the strictly regimented ceremony; a place where only those may enter who have been invited.

This volume expands the reader’s knowledge of the built space that makes this tea ceremony possible. The author explores the philosophical background as well as the aesthetic and spatial principles. He takes the reader on a cultural-historical and architectural journey through time, from the beginnings in the 15th century, when the art of the tea ceremony as well as the space in which it took place were recorded for the first time to the present day, when the design and construction of a teahouse is still perceived in Japan as a great challenge for designers and architects.