Beyond Thainess
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German, 144 pages, 20 color photos, 12.5 x 20 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-3-7212-1011-8 Release date: 11/2019

Laura Linsig

Beyond Thainess

Textil als Träger von Tradition und Identität

_ Analysis of textile design culture in Thailand
_ Field of tension between local traditions and globalisation
_ Winner of the Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg Award 2019
_ With a foreword by Mateo Kries, Director of the Vitra Design Museum

Is there a national design culture? Is it a mere invention? Or a construction with a mainly economic-political and tourism-motivated background? And what role does the exchange, the confrontation with influences from outside, the further development of the traditional play in the development of regional strategies?

Using the example of Thailand and its development in textile and fashion design, the author vividly and objectively presents the special context of history, politics and culture. Through personal relationships she is able to make an almost participatory observation, a dense description. The focus is on the significance of textile design traditions, their revival through foreign trade contacts to America and Europe, for example, as well as changes in self-perception via design. The apparently distant example can be read as an example of constructions of regionalized design, as they were created under different circumstances and at different times elsewhere.