BDE Architekten – Archhöfe Winterthur
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German, 112 pages, 160 color illustrations and plans, 24.5 x 28.5 cm, clothbound hardcover ISBN 978-3-7212-0891-7 Release date: 11/2013 With texts by Hubertus Adam, BDE Architekten und Fritz Schumacher sowie Fotografien von Christian Schwager.

Hubertus Adam (ed.)

BDE Architekten – Archhöfe Winterthur

Winterthur has undergone a structural change during the last decades from an industrial working-class town to an attractive urban agglomeration. The architectonic face of the city has meanwhile changed as well. The building of the Archhöfe played an important part in this, closing off the station square at its southern end and thereby taking up an attractive inner-city location. The eye-catching monolithic building combines shopping center, service sector and residential development under one tent-shaped roof. This makes the Archhöfe an impressive example of multifunctional architecture as well as a construction successfully planned and incorporated into a grown urban surrounding.
The book presents the project in plans and pictures, an essay by architecture critic Hubertus Adam and further documentations. Its beginnings date back to a competition in 2003, when BDE Architekten, who secured the project back then, were still an up-and-coming team. Today, ten years later, they have grown to be a renowned architectural office.