Architecture + Perception
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German | English, 280 pages, 400 illustrations, 28 x 28 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-3-7212-0831-3 Release date: 10/2012

Jörg Kurt Grütter

Architecture + Perception

Certain aspects and contexts of the perception of architecture can best be explained by means of images – that is the idea upon which this book is based. The author has divided selected structural details into individual chapters, including such subjects as space, color, dynamics and surface.

The reader can discover analogies as well as contradictions and view the photos completely independent of the texts. In the back of the book all the information about the structures depicted in the front can be found, as well as a complete view of the buildings and texts about architecture and perception. The photographs were taken in foreign countries on every continent and depict a great number of famous and representative structures from different ages and cultures.

_ explaining architecture through images
_ structured according to different architectural aspects
_ images can be experienced with or without the texts and facts, which are at the end
_ buildings from different cultures and eras