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English, 192 pages, 95 illustrations, 21 x 25 cm, Hardcover ISBN 978-3-7212-0960-0 Release date: 09/2016

Alessandro Biamonti


A guide to the most spectacular failures in the history of modern and contemporary architecture

_ a very different kind of architecture guide
_ remarkable but sensationally failed projects since the early 20th century
_ with an essay introducing different aspects of the topic
_ extensive photographic documentation of the presented projects

Once an architectural project has emerged from the perfect atmosphere of the computer, the drawings and the 3-D models, it inevitably comes up against the logic of the real world. In most cases, the encounter is painless. But sometimes things go wrong!
This volume features a selection of 25 more or less notorious archiflops scattered over the globe, which are grouped in various thematic sections. Entries, an illustrated map, a half-serious glossary and a wealth of photographic documentation help readers to make some sense of the ghost towns in China, eco-monsters in the south of Italy and grotesque remains of American amusement parks.