Airport Wayfinding
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English, 240 pages, 800 illustrations, 23 x 28,5 cm, Hardcover ISBN 978-3-7212-1014-9 Release date: 12/2020

Heike Nehl, Sibylle Schlaich

Airport Wayfinding

_Analysis of wayfinding concepts at airports
_Examples from the past and present
_Harmonizing identity and functionality
_Authors are specialists in the field

Airports are places with multi-layered identities that millions of people pass through and where cultures meet: On the one hand, the history and the design heritage of the particular country can be identified and local characteristics are intensified and reinforced almost stereotypically. On the other hand, airports represent hypermodern functional environments in which processes are internationally standardized and maximally efficient, with a strong emphasis on entertainment and consumption.

Guidance systems navigate people through airports. The graphic language creates an image in the viewer’s head carrying the respective identity in its own compact form through color, fonts, and pictograms. The authors, both specialists in the field, decipher this identity and trace its emergence and evolution over the decades. From the perspective of information design, they examine and analyze the wayfinding systems of approximately 70 airports by aligning their identities and functions.