52 Typo
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English, 224 pages, 300 illustrations, 18 x 24 cm, softcover ISBN 978-3-7212-0975-4 Release date: 08/2017

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52 Typo

52 stories on type, typography and graphic design

_ In cooperation with the Association Typographique Internationale
_ Broad range of topics
_ 52 illustrated contributions
_ Writers are specialists in their respective fields

Every day there is something happening in the world of typography and graphic design – something new being created in Buenos Aires, Paris, Tel Aviv, Tehran, Seoul or Melbourne. The most inspiring, trend-setting and enduring stories, events and works have been collected here to guide the reader to the highlights: 52 for 52 weeks, written by more than 40 experts.

Releases such as the legendary 1975 NASA Graphic Standards Manual are presented and various creative approaches discussed. New fonts, typeface designers and foundries are introduced, classic American fonts newly interpreted and the question of why new fonts are always needed examined. Important new logos are presented, the big industry events such as the Typo in Berlin reported on and the winners of the European Design Awards presented. At the end of the book there are dedications to Adrian Frutiger and Alan Rickman, who was once a graphic designer.