2d Visual Perception
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German | English, 304 pages, 300 illustrations, 24.5 x 17 cm, cloth binding with jacket ISBN 978-3-7212-0277-9 2nd edition

Moritz Zwimpfer

2d Visual Perception

Elementary phenomena of two-dimensional perception. A handbook for artists and designers.

The time-related dimension of image perception is increasingly heightened because the sequence of moving pictures is so strongly accelerated by virtue of the very short cuts that it becomes impossible for the viewer to make out the individual elements. Under these conditions he loses every notion of autonomy opposite these images, meaning also that he can be manipulated by.

With the aid of more than 200 pictures, elementary phenomena of visual perception are described in this book that one encounters on a daily basis. Brief accompanying texts encourage the viewer to give the pictures his deeper attention in order to consciously experience the phenomena. The book gives a comprehensive, clearly structured overview, and the illustrated examples span from two-dimensional form and color phenomena to the formation of spatial perception up to the influence that emotions and logic have upon perception.

_ describing phenomena of visual perception
_ more than 200 examples
_ enticing readers to experiment
_ awarded “Most Beautiful Swiss Book”