Design, Typography etc.
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Englisch, 272 Seiten, 400 Illustrationen, 23 x 30.5 cm, Hardcover ISBN 978-3-7212-0977-8 Erscheinungsdatum: 10/2017

Damien Gautier, Claire Gautier

Design, Typography etc.

A Handbook

_ Comprehensive handbook
_ Considering all aspects of print media
_ Practical explanations and illustrative application examples
_ Including extensive glossary

Why does a newspaper look different than a magazine or a book? What effect does using a certain typeface or a specific grid have? And why do some layouts just seem right, and others seem simply wrong?

This handbook aims to convey the essential principles that will enable the reader to acquire the skills necessary to be independently creative in the field of graphic design. Richly illustrated with numerous examples from around the world, this volume addresses the most important aspects of good book, poster and advert design, offering guidance on everything from the correct use of colors and fonts through to column width and line spacing. Sketches and clarifying text serve to explain technical terms that are indispensable to understanding the interface of designing and producing print media.